Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Year’s Eve Celebrate. (Natural handcrafted soap)

The new year is around the corner and a perfect way to get excited .

Are you making any New Year’s Resolutions? How will you ring in 2014?
I have some suggestions to make my and yours  (New Year’s Eve more Relax and FUN).
If you’re home alone , take your time to relax to reduce stress and  feel good about yourself  .  I recommend this Awesome Scented Soap with Patchouli

Volcanic Ash Soap w/ Patchouli – Bath Soap

Volcanic Ash with Patchouli  Soap _ body Soap

Volcanic Ash with Patchouli Soap _ body Soap
This would be very nice all year round, it’s very versatile ,REALLY, smells like the holidays!
Coffee Soap for Night lovers – luxurious Lather for a  New Year Party !

Coffee soap
Coffee soap
Since it was for new Years you of course need champagne.
Castile Natural Soap  for a little extra relaxing time on my bath  .

Checklist to get ready for a New Year’s

Happy New Year! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you, full of love, happiness and surprises.
Handmade Soaps
Provence Lavender Soap with Dead Sea Mud  And Rose Clay Limited Edition Jasmine  Soap  X Large Bar  - Moroccan Clay -Organic Coconut Milk
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Homemade Soap (with just three ingredients)

The origins of Castile Soap can be traced back to The Levant
Where  Aleppo Soap   Makers Have Been Making Olive and Laurel Oil Based Soaps
Natural Handcrafted Castile Soap is quite simply the same purest, mildest soap made with Olive oil from Castile Old- fashioned style from Aleppo
Castile Palm Coconut Soap
Need a homemade gift for friends or family this Christmas Holiday? Natural Handcrafted Soap  bring this particular soaps with just three ingredients…
Palm Coconut Soap, Fresh long-lasting handcrafted soap good for your skin!
These soaps will gently cleanse and moisturize dry or sensitive skins. Olive oil and coconut based soaps are unique and luxurious, giving a creamy lotion-like lather, leaving even your most sensitive skin feeling soft.

Castile Olive- Palm soap ,classic soap from olive and palm kernel oils .
The classic soap from olive and palm kernel oils its loved and trusted for decades.

Ingredients: Olive Oil , Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Butter.
Ingredients: Olive Oil Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter.
Ingredients: Palm Kernel Oil , Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Holiday Idea : Handcrafted Soap

Friday, December 13, 2013

Have a wonderful weekend.

Holiday gift basket organic bar soaps
What are your plans for this weekend? We’re going to a Holiday  Christmas Concert on Saturday evening, December 14 from 6:00 – 7:30pm.
Here are a few  natural handcrafted soaps review from around the web  .
Enjoy  the 2013 gift soaps!!!
I have always loved trying different type of luxury soaps and especially those that have really nice fragrances. I received a bar of this lovely soap in a gift basket at Christmas. I have since sought it out and bought it for myself often. The person who originally gifted it had no idea what kind of product it was, they just thought it smelled great- and it does. The Almond Hazelnut
smell is good enough to make you want to take a bite out of it.
Almond Hazelnut Soap smell is good enough to make you want to take a bite out of it.
The bar lasted a long time. Everyone liked the way the bathroom smelled after I had used it, and I toyed with the idea of ordering a few bars to place in drawers as sachets, but I knew they would end up in the shower. I definitely want to order more of the products from the site now that I have discovered them. Natural Handcrafted Soap

Handmade soaps

Natural Handcrafted Soap (Christmas destinations for the holidays).

We’re sending natural handcrafted soap (this Christmas)  for the
3   Of  Most-Searched Travel Destinations Around the World .
1. Hawaii – The Honolulu marathon is in December . The island have kayaking, hiking and other water sports to offer.
Holiday Gift Set -8  (bar soap) from Natural Handcrafted Soap Company .
Holiday Gift Set -8 (bar soap) from Natural Handcrafted Soap Company .
5. Puerto Rico -A U.S. territory, Puerto Rico is easily accessible for US citizens .
Perto Rican Love Santa Claus’s Gift Set
Perto Rican Love Santa Claus’s Gift Set
9. Seychelles -There are a number of locations for snorkeling — tropical fish, sea turtles and eagle rays are a few attractions .
of  Most-Searched Travel Destinations Around the World .
One of Most-Searched Travel Destinations Around the World .
In the Seychelles we send gifts for Christmas stocking stuffer ideas
In the Seychelles we send gifts for Christmas stocking stuffer ideas

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Holiday Happiness – Natural Handcrafted Soap

If you’re looking for a holiday gift that is  (Artisan) then Natural Handcrafted Soap Company  has you covered.
A Unique variety of Organic and Natural Soaps .( We have a limited quantity just for the Holidays )
Whether you wrap it in (Our package design, it’s already dressed up a bit), or you can choose  a gift  basket, or just a single soap to  present it to your special someone when the front door opens .
Holiday Gift These delicately-scented square bars are nourishing, moisturizing with oils and butter.
Almond Hazelnut and Greek Olive Oil soap are irresistible for a single gift or a Stocking Stuffer .Unlike many soaps, ours are made without parabens or phthalates, so they’re gentler on your skin and the rest of your body.
Greek Olive Oil Soap
Almond’s Hazelnut Soaps
We also Ofer Holiday Handmade Natural Eight Piece Soap Gift Set , we only have then during the holiday season, and they tend to sell quickly.
keeping the holidays spirit alive use and give natural handcrafted soap. !!
: Shopping
: Holidays
: Christmas
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  • Sunrise Holly Farm – Fresh cut holly boxes and holly wreaths shipped as gifts and for Christmas decorating.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Santa Lucia Saint Soap Santa Claus :)

Saturday, November 30, 2013 ,
Tomorrow is Sunday 01 of December
Sunday Mostly Cloudy 54° In Raleigh NC
December is the Months of My Grandmother’s Santa Lucia Borba  born in Italy in December 25, 1904, Immigrate to Brazil in 1917,who pioneered the natural handcrafted soap industry with essential oils in Brazil. , From the South To the Rainforest of Brazil Santa Lucia had to learn to (make soap from scratch) and essential oils from the plants out of necessity.
Here is  a picture of Santa Lucia (Grandma) Grandma kept a great big garden in her backyard. She loved to grow her own vegetables and had a variety of plants and herbs as well.
Santa Lucia (Grandma) on her garden . In this Picture she was around 103 years old
481938_10151092051459078_660339514_n People use to tell story of my Grandmother’s soaps  in the village
Some of the oils Grandma’s extracted from the plants in the Rainforest she used to use and recommend as aromatherapy and home cures for a variety of ailments and skin conditions.
Santa Lucia was also a Santa Claus with her Saint Soaps and Herbs she  help many of people in the Rainforest .
Three generations later with the basic knowledge of soap working taught by my maternal grandmother I had made my first bar of soap at age seven .Grandma’s Lye Soap” I am proud to carry the name , I am even more proud to carry on the tradition of creating unique soap with the Rainforest herbs , spices oils and scent secret tradition ,
and to  bring her legacy to United States of America.
Early Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to my Santa , Saint Claus Saint Lucia .
(Love and Respect).
Happy Holidays from Santa
Santa – Happy Holidays – Natural handcrafted Soap
Gift Box (Handcrafted Soaps)