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Rainforest Of Brazil Handmade Beauty and Natural Soaps

Natural Handcrafted Soap Company   specializes in all-natural products made with  ingredients found in the Amazon Rainforest.
The combination of high-quality, exotic butters, plant extracts and oils offer all of the beauty benefits that the bio-diverse Rainforest provides
– from the healing antioxidants in the acái berry, camu-camu , murumuru , copaiba balsam
to  deep moisturizers in Brazilian nut and butters .
Brazilian Oils Soap
Enjoy the remarkable benefits of the Brazilians beauty secrets.
All of Brazilian soaps products  are derived from plants, nuts, flowers, and herbs of the  tropical Rain Forest of Brazil.
Copaiba Soap Brazilian Oil Soap, For the best anti aging skin care treatment. This is a wonderful soap made from lots of great oils from the amazon
Rain forest Copaiba is known among indigenous tribes for its soothing and calming properties on the skin and against all kind of skin- disorders. Copaíba oil is an oily resin that is extracted from the Amazonian tree. Copaiba is the secret of Brazilians for beautiful young and healthy skin. Copaiba is an all-natural, gentle ingredient, it should be suitable for all skin types.
Handmade Soaps with Organic Oils and Butter

Handcrafted Brazilian Almond and Hazelnut Soap

Great for all skin types, almond oil is created by the pressing of almond nuts. This oil is used to help relieve dry, itchy skin.
Picture 680
Each of our skincare products includes an herbal blend specifically formulated and targeted for its therapeutic purpose.
Brazil nut is high in essential fatty acids, amino acids, zinc, vitamin A and E and selenium, an important antioxidant. Brazil nut oil lubricates and moisturizes skin, helps prevent dryness, and promotes clear a complexion.

The Camu Camu fruit has the highest concentration of naturally occurring vitamin C – 30 times more than an orange-and 10 times as much iron, three times as much niacin, with twice as much riboflavin,Copaiba Oil is an amazing and rare essential oil that comes from the oleoresin of the Copaiba Tree.It is harvested similarly to how we collect maple syrup! It is taken right from the tree through a pipe drilled into the tree Extremely popular in Brazil, copaiba oil is an essential oil extracted from the resin of the copaiba tree, and is used topically for treating skin problems like psoriasis, eczema,dermatitis, boils, insect bites, herpes, raches
Brazil Oil Soap
Brazil Oil Soap
Watch the Copaiba video -from The Rainforest Brazil

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Monday, February 3, 2014

7 Natural Soap Reasons That Makes Me Happy About Monday.

Today – Monday, February 3  2014
The  Natural Handcrafted Soap Company begins handmade  (Gifts Soap Box) in the  third Monday of  December  2008 …and
Valentine’s Day has never been the same since.
 Monday 2009 -Natural Handcrafted Soap Company  is a registered our trademark Logo in the United States and other countries.
The Logo is my Grandmother’s  , She is the one Italian Lady , Santa Lucia was a farmer’s daughter from Murari’s Borba, born in Italy 1904, who pioneered the
natural handcrafted soap industry with essential oils in Brazil.
January 12 2009 – MONDAY -Women’s World Magazine -
It has held the title of most popular newsstand magazine, and continues to be the best-selling women’s publication, with sales of 77 million copies in 2004.
It competes with smaller magazines such as Woman’s Day and Family Circle.
Our Brazilian Espresso Luxury Scrub Bar with Cocoa Butter and Essential Oils Excellent Face and Body was a  Monday -January 12th 2009 issue.

On Monday31st December, 1917 My Grandmother’s immigrate to Brazil from Italy  .

Monday, February 14, 2005
My Favorites Monday Soaps - Coffee Soaps That make my Monday’s wake up – On shower
In the city of São Paulo was a statue built in honor of Borba Gato. Inaugurated in 1963 Monday,
in commemoration of the fourth centenary of Santo Amaro, the statue took six years to build.
My Grandfather’s Family’s Side.( Natural Handcrafted Soap Family)
borba-gato-1.jpg w=500
On Monday – 2005   Brazilian’s From Parana – Londrina  Named a Street after my Uncle Erminio Rodrigues Borba
Rua Hermínio Rodrigues Borba, Jardim Aliança, Londrina, PR. (Natural Handcrafted Soap Family )

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