Friday, May 9, 2014

Beautiful Artisan Homemade Coffee Soap Bar .

Do you Love coffee ?
Brazilian Cafe
Cup of Brazilian Coffee Artisan Designer !
French coffee
French coffee
I just got home from a  friend’s house
My friend  made ​​coffee mixed vanilla ice cream for us to taste.
              And that is the reason I could not sleep now,
because I’m the kind of person who drink coffee will makes me hard to sleep.
I think most people love coffee,
some people must drink at least one cup of coffee a day to go to work. I particular start my morning shower day with a ” Coffee Soap ” for me coffee  is a wake up call .
Do you want a Morning  Wake up  call  ? Why Not Try a Coffee  bar of Artisan Soap  Natural and Organic Made with Brazilian Espresso , French Coffee and Hawaiian Coffee .
Large Bar Of Coffee Luxury – Old fashioned Limited Edition !
According to the New York City Economic Development Corporation, the city had 1,830 coffee shops as of March,
adding 130 shops in the previous 12 months; the majority were single locations or part of a smaller chain.
On average, one coffee shop opened in New York every three days.
Brazilian Coffee Soap and Brazilian Luxury Scrub Coffee !
Good night everybody, my place here already late at night, it’s almost  4 AM. Xo