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Skincare Handcrafted Soap Beauty Secret after 71 years old .

The 71-year-old author of Living the Good Long Life (Clarkson Potter)

Start early. “I’m an early riser. Today, the cat jumped in my bed a little before 4 A.M., so I got up. I put warm water on my face and then Yon-Ka Gommage 303 Exfoliating Clarifying Gel all over my face and neck and chest. By the time I get out of a hot shower, which I finish with a cold rinse (and icy cold for my hair), the mask has done its work and my skin is moist.”
Martha Stewart 71 years old – Prepare for bedtime. “Before bed, I make sure to remove my contacts. I cleanse my face very, very well. A hot, steamy face cloth loosens any makeup, and then I wash it with silicone soap or a cleanser. I’ll slather on moisturizer, and I don’t forget my arms, my legs, and my hands at night.”
Age 71
Age 71 Lisa Brown Use Natural Handcrafted Soap for sensitive skin
Moisturize. “Because I’m on television and I have to pose for so many photographs, I’m pretty self-critical. Some days my skin looks fabulous, and then some days, like if I’ve been horseback riding, my face is chapped. I use Crème de la Mer or Clé de Peau Beauté La Crème. And I’m not averse to using face creams on my body. If you’re going to use it on your face, why not use it on your legs?”
That’s according to Vice President Joe Biden  71 years old . He’s dishing to talk show host Rachael Ray use  admits to using Clinique moisturizer with SPF 20 every day .
Natural Handcrafted Soap also have the most Customer Reviews over age who sewer on our soaps for sensitive skin and dark spot , some reviews from their results using our soaps ..
I have been using the  sea kelp chamomile and golden blossom milk soap  for 2 months now, and I know others who do use it. I find the reviews interesting because people are either loving it or absolutely, passionately hating it. There is no in between. This soap work on wrinkles, pigmentation, I do notice a difference . I am review this product  because is is working on some of those issues, and some that are not even listed. (I am 71  sensitive skin).  there is my picture . Thanks  Lisa Brown

Sea Kelp with Chamomile Herbs

Goat’s Milk Soap with Lot’s Of Honey Blossom

My name is Joana Dawn  from New York , I will be 71 this year  . These past couple of weeks  my scalp has become very dry causing  to scratch and in turn  has a lot of flakes ,
I buy both types of dandruff shampoo-there are two different active ingredients. , switches between these every day -just using one or the other at one time has never worked.

Then I try to wash my hair with  Greek Olive Oil Soap  twice a week and  rinsing  my scalp/hair with 1 cup water/1 cup white vinegar mixture really helps with dandruff and eczema.


Greek Olive Oil Soap from Cretan TRY THIS!

List of Some   Famous People at age 71
Barbra Streisand , Paul McCartney , Calvin Klein
Joe Biden , Princess Margaret , George Carlin
Joe Pesci, George Benson
Harrison Ford, Donald Trump , Martha Stewart
Michele Carey, Johnny Rivers
Linda Evans, Larry Flynt


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Coffee Soaps That Will Make You Want to Shower More Often

Friday, March 29 , 
 Any  plans this weekend ? why not step into the shower with a bar of coffee soap .
I usually start my day around 8 a.m. with an cup coffee .
I can’t just wake up with coffee, I need a long shower or bath..
Like a Ritual Every day shower with a Brazilian Espresso Soap , Kona Coffee or Cafe au Lait Soap
I’ve been trying to use different soaps in the morning


it is won’t disappoint any coffee lover or anyone who can appreciate the aroma of a fresh brewed exotic coffee.
but I always back to a coffee soap . Coffee soap help me to wake up is a morning pick-me-up.Like to walk into a Starbucks Coffee shower .
Kona coffee soap and Cafe au lait from ( Natural handcrafted Coffee Soap ) -
are super effective for eliminating odors,
and the scent is yummy without being overpowering.
How do you like your coffee?
Brazilian coffee is a blend with Ground Brazilian Coffee , Coffee Butter,
Hazelnut Oil , Vanilla Essential Oil and Almond Oil .

Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap- – The coffee lover in me was certainly drawn to this particular soap .
Kona coffee – The famouse Hawaiian Kona – The best organic oils blends
Hazelnut Oil Sesame Seed Oil , Avocado Oil , Macadamia Nut , Shea Butter Ground Hawaiian Coffee ,
Cinnamon Essential Oil and Kukui Nut Oil

Kona coffee soap – Hawaii

After all, regular human consumption of caffeine began at least 2,000 years ago, and until recently there was no reason to think our little global addiction posed any threat.

Coffee Soap – Pinterest

You may not even realize the importance of a good quality soap
Twitter  coffee people


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Monday, March 17, 2014

Guinness Beer Soap Best Seller In New York City ?

Today , MARCH 16
Happy Saint Patrick Day Parade to all people from New York City !
“Guinness has a strong history in New York City ,” the brewer, based in Norwalk, Connecticut.
That is why  our best seller  Guinness Beer Soap  Go for the
New York’s .

We make 2 different soaps with Guinness Beer
One is with Guinness Extra Stout – Stout Soap Bar Guinness Beer

Oatmeal and Stout With Shea Butter made with Guinness Extra Stout

Guinness Beer Soap


Patrick’s Day parade – believed to be the  biggest in the world in  New York .
.NYC parade attracts about 2 million visitors.
By 1850, the Irish made up a quarter of the population in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Buffalo, and Baltimore.

More of Guinness Beer Soap On
Handmade Soap (Oatmeal and Stout) with Stout Butter Made with Guinness Extra Stout
Oatmeal and Stout Soap Bar with Shea Butter Made with Guinness Extra Stout Beer
Oatmeal and Stout (Beer Soap)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Best Natural Soap Sales – San Francisco and New York

Luxuriously high quality natural  soap,
created by hand using the cold process from a small batches that is what people from
San Francisco, California want mostly
Brazilian Oil Soap, For the best anti aging skin care treatment. This is a wonderful soap made from lots of great oils from the Amazon – Rainforest .

Brazil Oil Soap
Brazil Oil Soap – San Francisco (CA) Love IT!
Unsent Milk Soaps and Sea Kelp
Tuesday finding a cancer-causing chemical in 98 shampoos, soaps and other personal care products sold by major national retailers.
The chemical, cocamide diethanolamine (cocamide DEA),
a chemically-modified form of coconut oil used as a thickener or foaming agent in many products, was listed by California as a known carcinogen last year.
A truly natural soap will not have been made using those ingredients.
Because of all these multiple  words that most of us can’t pronounce, many people are turning to handmade, all natural soap .
New york City -  Some say it’s like the soap scent  what they grew up with, others prefer the “squeaky clean” unscented soaps  feeling of bar soap and others just like
the fact that it’s natural than body wash and not contain chemical products.
Gift Handcrafted soap
Variety Of Natural Soaps for New York Gifts
Castile Soap
Large Soap Bar
Everyone can benefit from using our handmade  natural soaps – So why you not get yours today!



Official visitor information for San Francisco.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Give a Handmade Soap — International Women’s Day 2014

International Women’s Day , also called International Working Women’s Day, is marked on March 8 every year
Today Natural handcrafted soap give a soap  gift for all women’s at  this location

Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse Restaurant – Raleigh, NC   “COME TO GET YOURS”


Google’s Doodle marks the day by showing over 100 women from all corners of the globe in a 80 second video. Some of the women featured include prominent figures such as Malala Yousafzai and – bizarrely – children’s character Dora the Explorer, who all say “happy International Women’s Day” in various languages.
I place on my  Pinterest   — Google Doodle
PeopleSome classic quotes from feminist icons to inspire you on International Women’s Day
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Natural Hancrafted Soap Company

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Healthy, youthful looking skin

As you age, your skin begins to produce less oil, making it become drier and loose.
When looking for a soap for  skin tightening treatment, it’s important to understand the difference between ingredients that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and those that actually tighten the skin and reduce sag.
Why Goat’s Milk Soaps ?
Goats milk contains over 50 nutrients. Vitamins such as A, Bs, C and E along with minerals, amino and other fatty acids help to rejuvenate and heal skin cells. Along with Zinc, triglycerides help to slow the affects of aging. Because goats milk is naturally homogenized and PH balanced, it is more easily absorbed into your skin.
Our goat milk soaps are famous for their high-quality natural ingredients and its 100% fresh goat’s milk, not dried powder milk
What are the benefits of natural handcrafted  coffee soap ?
Reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles under your eyes ,the anti-inflammatory properties of caffeine in coffee help minimize under-eye redness and inflammation.
By massaging and rubbing the areas with natural soap containing coffee, the fat cells break up and the lumps and bumps of cellulite decrease. The end result is smoother skin.
The key to finding the perfect Artisan Handcrafted Soap  treatment for your skin type  lies within reading soaps reviews and actually trying out the  natural soap for yourself. Everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to even the most expensive of products.  Natural handmade soap, that only uses natural ingredients, can restore the moisture to your skin, while still getting you clean. You will be amazed at the difference!
Natural Handcrafted Soap

Some Customer Reviews of  2014

                                                                                                                          Santa Lucia Handmade Soaps Comments
KIm Cornett wrote: Great Product I ordered this because I am tired of using soap with chemicals. This is a great product and it makes my face feel wonderful. I also love the smell. I have been using this product for two weeks and no breakouts. My sons also use this for their acne and love it as well. March 01 /14
Golden Blossom Honey
Lizard Lilly wrote: I read somewhere, that the darker the soap (goat’s milk) the more goat milk they use. Goat milk by itself is free from fatty acids – so it washes out easily and leaves just fresh, well cleaned skin.
Goat’s Milk Soap
Jenny wrote: “I love this soap! i have ordered this a few times and i will keep ordering it. this soap is now a part of my beauty regimen. Love it!” Jenny, February 22, 2014
Sophia wrote: “Lovely soap. Reminds me of the wonderful olive oil products of Crete.” Sophia J. Wien, February 20, 2014
Diane wrote: “I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the smell of this soap or not and was pleasantly surprised with it. My skin feels amazing. Thank you !” Diane , February 17, 2014 Handcrafted Brazilian Rain Forest Copaiba Soap with (Acai Berry Butter) & Tree Leaves
Alpine wrote: “I love this soap. This is the second order I placed for it and it is wonderful. Great scent without being overpowering and pure ingredients. My skin never felt better ! Always arrives on time and no problems. I will continue to order from this merchant.” Alpine Plume, February 14, 2014
Alpine Plume wrote: I love this soap because it is made from all natural ingredients and the smell is wonderful: it scents up the entire bathroom without being overpowering: just a fresh, clean scent. It keeps my skin moist without being heavy or oily and does not dry out my skin either. Highly recommend this product ! By Alpine Plume
Lavender Jasmine Soap
Rebecca wrote: “Perfect transaction!! Thank you so much!!” Rebecca Prater, February 1, 2014
Dead Sea Mud – Anise-Bay Laurel
Susan wrote: “i’ve purchased this in the past and it’s amazing. My skin feels clean and soft after using it. With these dry winters, it’s doing a great job with keeping my skin from drying out like traditional soaps.” .
Sea Kelp Varech Soap Susan, February 1, 2014
audiodude, wrote: “Exceptionally quick service and delivery. Olive oil soap very long lasting and non-drying for skin. Excellent company!” audiodude, January 25, 2014
StephenB wrote: “Great product!! Great service!!!! Thank You!!!!!” StephenB, January 23, 2014
GAB wrote: “Delivered sooner than promised ; very nice color and soap bar presentation” GAB, January 22, 201
Deborah wrote: “Quick service, accurate description.” Deborah R. Yoder, January 5, 2014
Michael Hunt wrote: “Great product and service.” Michael Hunt, January 4, 2014
Michael Hunt wrote: “Wonderful product.” Michael Hunt, January 4, 2014
“Lucy” wrote: “Exceptional service. Loved the product and shipping and packaging were excellent and very fast. Good job!” Rocky mt. gal “Lucy”, January 1, 2014
AAD wrote: “excellent!” AAD, December 11, 2013
SHOEMEISTER wrote: “Perhaps the fastest shipper in the World Wide Web today. Amazing! Gladly use again.” SHOEMEISTER, December 9, 2013
by reviewabit wrote: Handmade Provence French Lavender/ Geranium by Natural Handcrafted Soap.When I was browsing online , I happened across a picture of this piece of soap, and had to stop and take a closer look. It is one of the darn prettiest soaps I have ever seen. It is a natural-cut style, and made from two colors of soap.
The top portion is lavender and has a layer of what looks like large pieces of crushed rose leaves in the slightly uneven top. The lavender layer fades into a cream colored layer at the bottom. The words lavender geranium are embossed in the soap s front. I could picture this soap in a fancy dish on my bathroom sink. Gorgeous! What was even better was when I read the ingredients. This is the real thing real soap, not detergents, not chemicals. It is made with high quality stuff. They put olive, coconut, palm kernel, vegetable, avocado oils, shea butter and French rose clay in here. This sounded like it would be blissful for the skin and got all good reviews, so I couldn t resist ordering one.

I was extremely pleased with the quality and look of this soap. It was so pretty I almost didn t want to use it, but the fragrance talked me into it. It has a delicious, rich lavender with some other floral notes very feminine and soft.
The look and smell alone would make you feel you were being pampered, but that was only the beginning. Like all other handmade, natural soaps I have used over the years, this is amazingly good for your skin. It made a nice rich lather, and left my skin soft, fragrant, and comfortable. I can even use this soap in the winter when my skin is a bit drier, and that is impressive because normally I have to switch to highly moisturizing body washes or non-soap products to get through the colder months. Even at its driest, my skin experienced no irritation from this soap.
I have used almost all of this soap now. Only a sliver remains, and I am ready to order more. I will definitely re-order this soap but I also want to try some of their other soaps because I m sure based on the quality of this one, that the others are great as well.
This is a great product to pamper yourself with, or give as a lovely gift to a friend. The only little problem I had with the soap was that one of the rose petals or whatever flower they are worked itself out of the bar and scratched my skin in a very sensitive place! But I am not upset about that. It didn t hurt, just startled me! It is a small price to pay for such artistry! If you are a fan of hand made natural soap, I can almost guarantee that you will love this one. It is a little expensive, but I have paid more for much lesser quality, so for me, it is absolutely worth every penny. I highly recommend this product and company. Lavender – Geranium Soap Rating: 10

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