Monday, March 17, 2014

Guinness Beer Soap Best Seller In New York City ?

Today , MARCH 16
Happy Saint Patrick Day Parade to all people from New York City !
“Guinness has a strong history in New York City ,” the brewer, based in Norwalk, Connecticut.
That is why  our best seller  Guinness Beer Soap  Go for the
New York’s .

We make 2 different soaps with Guinness Beer
One is with Guinness Extra Stout – Stout Soap Bar Guinness Beer

Oatmeal and Stout With Shea Butter made with Guinness Extra Stout

Guinness Beer Soap


Patrick’s Day parade – believed to be the  biggest in the world in  New York .
.NYC parade attracts about 2 million visitors.
By 1850, the Irish made up a quarter of the population in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Buffalo, and Baltimore.

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Handmade Soap (Oatmeal and Stout) with Stout Butter Made with Guinness Extra Stout
Oatmeal and Stout Soap Bar with Shea Butter Made with Guinness Extra Stout Beer
Oatmeal and Stout (Beer Soap)

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