Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rachael's Handmade Soap Beauty Soaps

Rachael's Soap, an online marketplace for safety-rated personal care products, announces the addition of safe Natural Handcrafted Soap products. started by offering the largest selection of safety-rated personal care products on the web. Consistent with our mission to help reduce your family's exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, we are expanding our product offering to include Rainforest oils soaps. is excited to offer a full line of soaps of non-toxic products. We strive to provide effective eco-friendly alternatives to harsh chemical soaps that are dangerous to both your family's health and the environment. All of our soaps contain all-natural ingredients that are safe for kids and kind to the environment. We offer an effective way to bath and shower soap with best pure essential oils and plants . . You will not find any fragrances, dyes, perfumes,in these soaps.

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