Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Detox, anyone? Brazilian Oils Body and Face.

I am currently following some friends that say an occasional detox diet is great for many reasons and got incredible results so far. Detox promote a beautiful skin from inside out -- also, make sure to hydrate your skin well with a great natural Brazilian Oil Soap with Cocoa Butter (Face and Body)

contain antioxidant natural from the great oils of Rainforest Amazon.,

This is a great soap for all skin types, but excellent for dry skin. Almond Oil is an outstanding humectant with natural water-retention properties, it is an oil extracted from the seeds of sweet almonds and used as an emollient.

Almond Oil is an emollient which prevents dehydration of skin, it is often used to treat very dry skin. Avocado Oil soothes and softens it is rich in vitamins A, D and E; contains proteins, lecithin and amino acids. This highly therapeutic oil is said to have healing and regenerating properties. Coconut Oil is the natural oil derived from coconuts, acts as a surfactant and has good cleansing properties.Hazelnut Oil , reduces oiliness, refines pores, normalizes and heals.

Hazelnut Oil is moisturizing, easily absorbed by the skin. Palm Oil is from the fruit of a palm tree. When used in soaps, palm oil creates a hard, long lasting bar of soap that is mild and cleanses well. Palm oil has similar characteristics to tallow in soaps, and has been used in soap-making since about 1850

I'm going to explore the subject in a couple of postings. A question for now: have you ever tried homemade beet with carrot, apple and orange juice? It's a Brazilian recipe to get ready for the Summer with a beautiful skin. Let me know if you have a yammy juice recipe to share.

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