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I join hes twitter and we are share some knowledge about our coffee.

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Isn't Crazy how many people Love a cup of coffee?
We make Brazilian coffee espresso soap


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Natural Handcrafted Soap
The addition of 100% natural essential & pure oils along with Freshly Brewed Coffee in all our coffee soaps, Guinness extra stout in our beer soaps and farm fresh milk from our local farm in all our milksoaps makes our handmade soap a super sudsy, healthy, velvet like fragrant treat that will leave your skin soft & smooth.

The coffee lover in me was certainly drawn to this particular soap . The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, not to mention the scent of lemon, orange, and hazelnut essential oil mixed in with a rich scent of brazilian espresso coffee , cocoa butter and the addition of brazilian almond oil makes this soap not only alluring on your nose but great for your skin. Since ground coffee is a natural exfoliant and helps move away dead skin cells it makes this a great scrub soap. Packed with freshly ground brazilian espresso coffee and cocoa butter ,it wont disappoint any coffee lover or anyone who can appreciate the aroma of a fresh brewed exotic coffee. Brazilian coffee grinds absorb garlic and onion smell off your fingers, A must in the kitchen and shower

Palm kernel, , olive, castor, almond oils, vegetable oils, cocoa butter, ground brazilian espresso, grapefruit, orange, lemon, and hazelnut essential oils.
The Top 10 coffee producing countries of 2008

by Jason Coffee on November 27, 2008

Did you know?

The #1 Coffee producing country is Brazil followed by Vietnam and Columbia. After that the metric tons per year dramatically decreases.

Top 10 Coffee Producing Countries:

1.) Brazil produces 17,000,000 Metric Tons per year
2.) Vietnam 16,000,000
3.) Colombia 9,500,000
4.) Indonesia
5.) Ethiopia
6.) Mexico
7.) India
8.) Peru
9.) Guatemala
10.) Honduras

Now you know.