Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gift Certificates from Natural handcrafted Soap- for the people you LOVE!

Handmade Gifts Soaps

Give someone something special! Gift Certificates from Natural handcrafted Soap make the perfect gift for friends, family members or business associates of all ages. They are available in any amount ,and our Gift Certificates do not have an expiration date! Enjoy our line of the most wonderful Natural Soaps .
A Timeless Gift Idea!!!

Inspired by the ancient art of handmade soap, each bar of natural handcrafted soap is made in small batches.
Placed in wooden molds, three days after they are cut by hand, which gives a rustic look and unique to each bar.
Before being packed, are put to dry for 45 days.
Only this process produces a bar of soap so special and unique, for the most sensitive skin, it deeply hydrates and leaves your skin breathe.

A gentle formula, developed through a careful combination of vegetable oils and butters, rich and creamy foam, rich in natural glycerin, scented with essential oils.

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1 comment:

Michael R. Hughes said...

Hello Rachael,

Looks very nice. Do you wait that long for curing most or all of your soaps? Also, how do you approach your packaging? Do you leave a fair amount of the soaps exposed at your retailers, or are your soaps mostly or completely covered in packaging?

Thank you!