Friday, January 25, 2013

Benefits of Almond Homemade Soaps

Benefits of Almonds!

Antioxidants, Nutrients, Vitamin E, Homemade Skin Care, Hair Care
Almonds can be sweet or bitter. The bitter almond is lightly broader and shorter than the sweet kind. Bitter almonds can not be eaten but are used in almond oil, perfumes or cosmetics. Sweet almonds come in two forms: thin and thick skinned. Thin skinned type are higher in calories, but more valuable overall. Almonds can be eaten raw as whole almonds, used as almond oil, in almond paste, or as powdered almonds.
We use Almond on those soaps
Almond Hazel Nut Soap with Cocoa , Almond and Acai Berry Butter
Great for all skin types, almond oil is created by the pressing of almond nuts. This oil is used to help relieve dry, itchy skin.

Brazilian Oil Soap with Organic Acai Berry Butter – Bitter Almond
Anti-aging Properties; reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Softens Skin
Tones Skin
Absorbs Quickly
Eases Minor Irritations: eczema, dryness, inflammation, itchiness
Helps Remove Toxins from Blood; cleanses skin internally
Helps Get Rid of Blackheads & Pimples; (acne relief)
Cools Steam Burns
Protects Against Minor Infections
Used for Massages; (rejuvenates, replenishes skin)
Contains Benefits of Vitamin E
Helps Get Rid of Dandruff
Reduces Hair Fall
Slows Graying of Hair
Handcrafted Copaiba Soap with Acai Berry Butter Brazilian Almond Oil and Coconut Milk
Brazilian sweet almond oil provides extra softening properties. Hazelnut oil from Brazil is said to be an excellent choice for it’s ability to tone and tighten skin. We use the highest quality cocoa butter .
Moisturizing -
Almond oil is known mostly for its moisturizing effects. According to, almond oil enhances the appearance of the complexion and makes the skin smooth and supple. It is a perfect massage oil because of its lubricating properties and how easily it spreads but it is not excessively greasy like many other oils. In addition, almond oil alleviates dryness and gives moisture to the skin. As states, almond oil is rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2 and E and relieves itching. It is the perfect oil for any skin type but people with dry skin will benefit the most from using it. Almond oil provides overall nourishment to the skin so it can be healthy with a radiant glow.
Healing – Almond oil is also known for its healing properties when used on the skin. Issues like psoriasis, eczema, sunburn, dermatitis and muscle pain can be relieved with the use of almond oil, as herbs. Almond oil also balances moisture levels ( and when the skin is properly moisturized it can heal faster from problems it might face. Some people even find that almond oil helps with acne and scars but this has not been proven.
Protecting and Preventing
Almond oil is helpful for protecting the skin and preventing some unwanted problems from occurring. Perhaps the most common things that the use of almond oil can prevent are premature aging and inflammation of the skin. If these problems are already underway then almond oil might be able to help relieve them. Not only does almond oil protect the skin but it also refines the structure of the skin, stimulates cell renewal and helps fight against the unwanted effects of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging skin, according to Almond oil can also help to relieve skin irritation and inflammation and can lighten dark circles, most specifically around the eyes, as stated by This source says that almond oil delays the aging process as it is a rich source of vitamin E and of some essential minerals like magnesium and calcium. We Use Sweet Almond and Bitter Almond Oil in our Soaps

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