Saturday, May 21, 2016

All natural soaps to clean up your act !

Take showers and baths for the reason to get clean , most people opt for a shower because they feel that it saves time and resources and is more hygienic than a bath. Personally, from the purpose of trying to get clean, I would say shower.

Explore these natural bath or shower soaps ideas !
Lavender soap , long renowned for its calming effects, is the perfect bar to lift your senses.
Provence of France Lavender Soap amazing scent feels like the french country side.
                      Enjoy the harmonious lavender aroma, while our hand-crafted bath
The lavender oil used in our soap is imported from the Province of France ,wild lavender’s original home. Every skin type benefits from lavender oil, but it is particularly good for dry skin. It can be used in the treatment of acne as well. With the addition of shea butter and avocado oil , it makes this soap soothing, creamy and extra moisturizing. With crushed flowers folded into the soap, it makes this soap not only smooth with lots of creamy lather and the amazing scent on the french country side, but a mild natural exfoliant. Try “Natural Handcrafted French Lavender Soap ” today and feel the difference on your skin!
Lavender Soap Handmade Artisan

  • Does not contain any Chemicals, Preservatives, or any Artificial Ingredients.
  • Handcrafted in North Carolina , USA.
  • Frenchsoap
    French Soap Lavender and Jasmine

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